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Feel free to transload this page with this Wav Warning and this Image Warning to reload Due to the Fact as I claim this page as OVER 50% is Mine and was stolen without asking!!!!

The NewsGroups form was Stolen right from me, which is over 50% of the code used on this page and Since this is the case, I deside what happens to this page, So as a Gift to the webtv comunity I GIVE you This Page to do whatever you want with it, ENJOY!!!

All he had to do was ask, and he would of recieved!!! But since he didnt, and over 50% is mine, I give this to all of you.... Modify play with and do with what like

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Since this Page Consists of over 50% of my Code, (the newsgroup form) it out dated btw, still, Over 50% stolen from me Makes this page over 50% Mine, and in turn, I chose to give this page to the webtv comunity!!!, You are All Welcome to transload this Page for whatever reason you want, and use how you see fit!!!

PS, dont forget to Transload this wav as well as this image to your site in the same directory