~Interactive Cut and Paste Tutorial~
And HTML Tester

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The text area below will let you practice what you are learning here.


Place your cursor in the text area below

Then HOLD CMD and press "V" to PASTE whatever is in your memory from the previous page into the textarea

CMD + X to DELETE or X-Out
AGAIN You will Highlight whatever you want to delete then hold CMD + X

NOTE: When you use CMD + X

it will also Copy whatever you just deleted and will replace whatever was in the memory before

If you don't want to copy what you delete...

( You may want to continue to save what's in the memory and delete other text without saving it )

while the text is highlighted use the "Return" or "Delete" key on your keyboard instead of the X to delete

That's easy enough,...but lets learn how to copy or delete just a small portion and not everything

HOLD SHIFT and press Arrow keys
Hold SHIFT Key + Up & Down Arrows

The UP and then DOWN arrow keys will highlight or Un-highlight an entire line of text

Once an area of text is highlighted you can perform the copy, paste and delete functions

...Practice this a little here



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