~How To Cut and Paste~

Break Out Of Frames To Use This Tutorial

Practice in the text area/testbed I provide on the next page, then use your signature or mail box to practice more.

You'll mainly be using 5 keys on your keyboard plus the arrow and shift keys at times.

The "CMD" button or "Command" button on the lower left of your keyboard is the main one used in combination with these letter keys.

A, C, X, and V

To perform these functions you will HOLD the "CMD" button down while you briefly press one of the letter keys for different functions

Here are the letter functions

CMD + A (to highlight ALL)

You'll HOLD "CMD" while you hit "A" to highlight ALL TEXT

"A" for "ALL"...that's easy huh?

Try that right now!.....Hold CMD and press A to highlight everything on this page

hold CMD and press A again

CMD + C (to Copy what's highlighted)

YOU must HIGHLIGHT something First in order to Copy it

Hold CMD and hit A again to highlight all the text here,...THEN...while the text is STILL Highlighted continue holding the CMD button and press the letter "C"

You have now Copied ALL the text on this page into the C&P memory WebTV has so graciously provided and it will stay there until you Power Off, Switch Users, OR Copy something else into the memory (limit unknown but it's more than you'll ever need)

Now for the Interactive part of my tutorial ;-)

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